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Made For Women, By Women

Our Story

Ruby Mary Botanicals was founded with the intention to create tools for women in every cycle of life. Humanity is complicated, messy and unfortunately, it doesn't come with a user manual.

As we mature, have children (or don't) grow through peri-menopause to menopause, illness, or fight through chronic illness, our bodies are constantly shifting. It's important to have the ability to regulate ourselves, naturally, to be able to pivot with these changes.

I'm blown away at the efficacy of my Ruby Mary products. Living with chronic migraines can be such a drag on my day to day. With Ruby Mary at my side I have been living pain free.

Kyla @kyladeclifford

No Fluff or Fillers

Raising the Standard for Health & Wellness

We believe that quality is the key to success in any endeavor.
By using certified organic ingredients we can create products that really work. We follow this by third-party testing all of our product batches for accuracy and consistency, ensuring that we maintain the level of quality that you should expect and deserve from any product you use on a day to day basis.

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Mum would normally have to lay down during the day to give it a rest but says thanks to the patch she has kept going all day without as much pain!


Building Community

Learning Together

Without understanding, practice can be a futile exercise.
We want to provide high quality products to support your lifestyle but more importantly, we want to provide a platform for reputable information, discussion and scientific understanding. In building a conscience community, we look to your participation to create discussions. It takes two to tango, so join us. We want to be able to discuss directly with you to learn and grow about the things that interest you.

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I love this intimacy oil! The cinnamon smell and taste are nice and subtle. I have really enjoyed using it for personal use. The sensation once applied feels really good and has made it easier for me to orgasm. I like that you don’t need a lot of it and it stays during my whole session.