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Your Guide to Transdermal and Topical Cannabis Delivery Methods


There are many ways to obtain the benefits that cannabinoids can provide. For example, you could vape some cannabis concentrates...if you’re in a country where doing so is legal, of course. 

Some people of a certain age may immediately associate cannabis with smoking, but the reality is that there are a wealth of options today.

Topical and transdermal cannabis delivery are methods that tend have low profiles. They may be worth considering, depending on your needs and preferences.

What Exactly Is Transdermal Delivery Of Cannabis?

The transdermal delivery of cannabis works by allowing cannabinoids to penetrate the skin through the use of patches or topical agents, such as creams or oils. Creams and oils can be rubbed into the skin for absorption. Transdermal delivery and topical delivery have the same benefits and risks.

Although there isn’t much research on transdermal delivery, it has been shown to have several advantages over other delivery methods. These include prolonged release duration and increased bioavailability

This cannabis delivery method is less common than ingestion or smoking, but it is increasing in popularity. 

The transdermal delivery of cannabis involves having it go directly into the bloodstream through the skin. With the release of cannabinoids into the bloodstream, effects can be achieved quicker than with other delivery methods. 

Alternatively, topical lotions, balms, and oils containing CBD, THC, or both can be applied directly to the skin. They can be used therapeutically for applications such as pain management, inflammation, and soreness. With the rising popularity of these types of delivery methods, giving them a try may not hurt, in fact it may allow your body to hurt less

What Are The Benefits of These Cannabis Delivery Methods?

The advantages of these types of delivery methods are their ability to maintain drug levels in the blood for an extended amount of time while avoiding degradation of the drug—meaning the chemical breakdown of cannabis in the digestive tract. And, in the case of transdermal patches, they can be removed easily by the wearer.

Patches often have a prolonged release which makes them a good option for people who want to feel the effects for a longer period of time. Patches and similar delivery options prevent degradation of the drug in the intestinal system compared to ingestion. And due to the small and convenient nature of patches, they can be removed at any time. 

These delivery methods also prevent the inhalation of carcinogens that come with smoking flower, resin or concentrates. 

Another advantage of these methods are that they carry no smell, making them a discrete choice for those who do not wish to advertise that they consume cannabis. 

What Are The Risks of These Cannabis Delivery Methods?

There aren’t many risks associated with transdermal and topical cannabis delivery. However, as with any cannabis delivery method, those who don’t enjoy the effects of being high may benefit from using CBD instead of THC. CBD and THC are both available as transdermal patches and topical solutions. Like any skincare product, if you have allergies to certain ingredients, just be sure to read the label to ensure you won’t break out from using transdermal products. 

These cannabis delivery methods are great options for those who wish to experience the effects of cannabis without the drawbacks of certain other methods, such as the sleepiness that comes from edibles or the health problems that can come with smoking. These methods have few risks and several benefits. 

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