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Your Guide to Internal Cannabis Delivery Methods, Part II


A couple of weeks ago, we discussed some of the advantages and disadvantages of various internal cannabis delivery methods that are processed by the liver.

However, you can consume cannabis internally without having a product pass through your liver. Internal cannabis delivery methods that bypass the liver include items such as suppositories. By bypassing the liver, higher doses of cannabinoids can be administered without any mental effects. The cannabinoids are not distributed to your brain and remain localized in the lower half of your body. For example, a 1000mg dose of THC when eaten would leave you high as a kite, but if it is administered as a suppository, those cannabinoids will only have a corporeal effect which may reduce pain, inflammation and leave your body feeling very good. 

Suppositories might be one of the more “blushworthy” methods to consume cannabis, but they’re incredibly effective. This method is ideal for localized or systemic treatment. The rectal mucosa has a blood and lymph supply that can aid in systemic absorption. For this reason, cannabis suppositories might be worth your consideration (for external use only, naturally, since you’re a law-abiding Aussie!)


What Are The Benefits of Suppositories?

Suppositories have a number of benefits, including a lack of smell. They’re also fairly convenient. They allow for doses of cannabis without an overly disruptive head high relative to the mg count. Instead, this method creates an extremely effective body high that makes you feel relaxed and dreamy. 

Suppositories are often created with coconut oil, coconut butter, gelatin, or glycerin. This medication passes through to the bloodstream directly through the cell walls and starts to work its magic in the body 10-20 minutes after dosage. 

Suppositories bypass the gastrointestinal system where metabolites can break down compounds. This prevents some of the degradation of the drug that can occur in the gastrointestinal tract and aids in a faster absorption. 

What Are The Drawbacks of Suppositories?

First and foremost, suppositories can be extremely inconvenient when you are out and about. The ideal position to be in when you use suppositories is horizontal for reasons we will discuss. 

The main drawback is that suppositories, if you’re up and about, will follow gravity and become resident in your underwear. You know the feeling when you’re on your period and you “birth a jellyfish.” Yeah, that can happen with suppositories too. 

For the above reasons, it’s ideal to use this method at home when your main goal is relaxation. 


Are Suppositories Safe?

As with anything inserted into the rectum or vagina it’s important to talk about safety. 

While most of the base ingredients in suppositories are made with natural options, such as cocoa butter, there are still risks involved with rectal insertion. Go slow and if there is any discomfort then stop. Our suppositories are made with coconut oil and will melt relatively quickly. For this reason, any discomfort from the size and shape will be short-lived. For the record, suppositories are smaller than anything that’s come out of your GI tract so the risk of discomfort is extremely low and might point to something else that you should have your doctor take a look at. 

Suppositories may aid in pain particularly if there are hemorrhoids present in the rectal cavity. You may want to consider suppositories as a method of pain management if you have certain conditions such as rectal cancer or ulcerative colitis. 


Suppositories During Your Menstrual Cycle

Yes, yes, yes, and once again, yes. As personal testimony, we swear by suppositories when you’re on your cycle. Any cramps, bloating or discomfort dissolves away and leaves you in a puddle of fuzzy dream kittens until you drift off to sleep. Cannabis is a powerful antispasmodic and can lessen the discomfort of cramps in your uterine lining. One pro-tip for you is to use a menstrual cup when you use suppositories to ensure none of the product ends up in your knickers. 


Suppositories During Sex

One more time for anyone in the back, YES! Suppositories and cannabis intimacy oil have a lot in common, actually the main difference is the coconut oil used in both. While intimacy oil uses a MCT base to maintain its fluid nature even when it’s chilly, coconut oil is used in suppositories for the opposite reasons - we want to ensure it stays solid until it comes in contact with the body. Using suppositories before you get down can relax you and provide a ready-to-go lubrication. Just use caution if you rely on latex condoms as a method of protection since any oil based product can degrade the material. 

Coconut oil and cannabis combined create a powerful antifungal, antimicrobial combination so this may also aid in any yeast infections if your pH balance has been thrown off. Additionally, using suppositories during sex may help you dodge UTI’s if you’re prone to them, just remember, get your butt up and remember to pee after sex. (I know it’s so hard sometimes, but you gotta do it.) 



The benefits of suppositories are numerous, such as providing pain relief without a head high and quick absorption into the bloodstream. Suppositories can be your best friend during your cycle and a choice addition to bedroom playtime. 

The drawbacks include the fact that they may ruin your undies, but that’s why we have those gnarly pairs that act as monthly sacrifice anyways. 

Suppositories are becoming a popular choice more and more. If you’re at home, actually, we know you’re at home, (but really, where else would you be) and wish to enjoy the beneficial effect of suppositories, this method is definitely right for you.

Suppositories are becoming a popular choice more and more. If you’re at home, actually, we know you’re at home, (but really, where else would you be) and wish to enjoy the beneficial effect of suppositories, this method is definitely right for you.

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