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The Wall

I've recently heard about a phenomenon haunting young women these days called "The Wall." This is a phenomenon that after 30 you hit the proverbial "wall" and you life begins to take a rapid decline in regards to your looks, societal status, desirability, and moreover your perceived value as a member of society (or perhaps as a sexual being). This concept has been present for millenia. After a women is "too old" to have children, her place in society becomes obsolete, she is destined to clean and cook in the shadows, never to be desired again. This asinine thinking is pervasive in patriarchal societies which value women solely on their sex appeal and ability to reproduce and has been rebranded into this concept called "The Wall" to our modern day women. 

As arbitrary as it is, the idea that a women's worth is in her loins is an engrained notion for even the most confident women among us. Our society perpetuates it even if it does not take up space in your own waking mind. 

How then can we reshape the way that women are valued in our culture and cultures around the world? It starts with valuing yourself, especially as you age. 

Aging should be celebrated, not condemned. Today more women are starting their families well into their 40's and can boast a happy and healthy career and life balance - your 30's is when that process really begins rather than ends. 

As women, we must rewrite what it means to age for our younger sisters who might still be afraid of what awaits her after her 29th birthday. 

Normalize sexy attire, normalize bikinis, normalize cellulite, hot flashes, wrinkles, all of it. It's all real. And that's something that we can't get enough of.

We believe that this can be done most effectively through education. By educating ourselves and our peers about the female body and all the mysteries it holds, we can relinquish the fear that comes with getting older.

As we grow and blossom as a brand and moreover as a community, we will prioritize woman's health, education and scientific research as well as personal stories. You're not in this alone, the more we can talk about aging, the more we can all grow in addition to changing. 

Thanks for joining. 

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