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Our Story

Ruby Mary Botanicals was founded out of a desire to help women through every stage of our life. As we age, our bodies grow and change in ways that we are not taught to anticipate. At best, our progression into "old age" is best compared to a medieval recount of some pestilence. Your hair falls out, hot flashes will terrorize you! After 30 you might as well give up on life. 

Aging is not celebrated, at least not until now. Furthermore, we believe every stage after menarche should be celebrated. Women have the ability to transform again and again with time and even through the act of creating new life. With each layer we shed, transforming anew, our bodies require different methods of support to function at an optimal level. 

For instance, iron should be a staple supplement in just about every woman's diet to only supplement the energy used for menstruation. We learn about vitamins a-z and the like but more and more CBD and cannabis in general is slowly being accepted as a supplement for everyday life, not just if you're feeling low or live with chronic pain. 

CBD when used daily has a transformative power to regulate homeostasis in our bodies. Whether its used topically or internally, cannabinoids should be seen as just another staple supplement, like vitamin D. 

Here at Ruby Mary Botanicals, we see our products as tools for everyday wellness. With a wide range of products for different use cases and applications, we want to be able to equip you for any scenario to combat discomfort and come back to your true, optimal center. 

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